South Yarra Garden

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South Yarra Garden

South Yarra Garden

This passionate gardener needed a new garden to blend with the architectural renovation given to this Victorian house. The garden comprises many level changes over a short distance, making it a design challenge from the beginning.

In keeping with the period of the house, and to match with the house foundations, Bluestone was used as the main paving materials combined with aged red brick details and cobbles that pick up on the historic value of the property.

Amongst the original overgrown garden was a large Gingko tree. It is important to retain trees of value and established trees serve an important function in a new garden as they help a garden look mature and the scale of an established tree prevents a house from dominating the landscape.

The site faced onto a sloping street and as well sloped to a back laneway at the back. This meant that the floor level of the house sat quite high against the North side of the garden. Level changes were required across the whole front garden as well as the north side garden. Incorporating off-street car parking meant that pedestrian access had to be easily navigated from the driveway to the front door.

A book leaf retaining wall of bluestone was used to create a level change on the north side of the house. The stone is off-cuts from sawn paving slabs and the natural rock edges become the face of the walling stone. This is a great way of reducing quarry waste.

In small spaces, too much paving can be hard on the eye. In this case, we created a softer private front garden using bands of brick edging and cobble details, combined with loose pebbles. The loose pebbles also allows rainwater to soak back into the ground.

House Architecture by Russell Barrett
Landscape Construction by Bott Landscapes
Project completed July 2009