Singapore 2018

Singapore 2018

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‘Immersion’- Singapore 2018 (Gold Medal & Award for Best Construction)

Designed by Andy Sturgeon & Jim Fogarty. Constructed by Eco-Scape

‘Immersion’ is dedicated to our five children who for years have put up with their dads’ being away doing garden shows.
Andy & Jim first met in 2004 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and have since travelled extensively and exhibited side by side at many garden shows in Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. Between them, they have 5 children who have travelled with them to various garden shows, a favourite always being the Singapore Garden Festival where their children first met ten years ago in 2008. Hailing from opposite ends of the earth (UK & AUS), the children share common ground that bonds them in a unique friendship that endures today.
Exhibiting at garden shows is rewarding but can be taxing on family dynamics. By including and involving our children at garden shows, we have allowed them to develop respect for gardens, design, and the natural environment.
This garden depicts a growing problem with all children including our own; screen addiction and their dependence on smart phones. However, our careers have introduced them to a better world as they have been able to balance this increasing trend of technology use with an appreciation for the natural environment.
The general ergonomic shape of the garden hints at the rounded form of smart phone body design. A haphazard pathway of stone cubes and pavers symbolises keyboard keys and app icons and represents the difficult path which all youngsters have to negotiate. The natural landscape and greenery begin to dominate this world of technology as you step away from it and into the calm space in the centre.
There is a recurring theme of ‘5’ that depicts each of the five children including 5 trees, 5 stone seats and various other more subtle motifs.
At its heart, the garden has a simple pool where the water symbolises purity and the fundaments of nature. The presence of the keyboard is now diminished by the water and it fades to a dim memory beneath the surface.
Here we are immersed in nature: safe, secure and protected. A better place. The organic pattern of the structure echoes the woven strands of lianas in the forest with Tillandsia tumbling from the tree canopy above. To focus the mind, an occasional droplet of water falls from above, sending ripples out across the water. Gentle and meditative, it gives us time to reflect on the magnificence of the forest and how the simple things in life can bring the most joy.

Andy Sturgeon & Jim Fogarty