Singapore 2014

Singapore 2014


Tropical Garden Singapore


Gold Medal & Award for Horticultural Excellence

Singapore Garden Festival 2014

Designed by Jim Fogarty. Constructed by Home Landscape Pte Ltd

This show garden ‘Australasia’ explores the gardening link between Australia and South-East Asia. The term ‘Australasia’ was coined by Frenchman Charles de Brosses in the 1756 publication Histoire des navigations aux terres australes, reputedly derived from the Latin for “south of Asia.” In contemporary understanding it refers to the geographic region that includes Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and neighbouring tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean.

From a horticultural point of view, the tropical islands of Australasia share many plants with South-East Asia including some species of Eucalyptus which are the predominant trees in much of Australia and New Guinea.

Referencing this link, the colours of the walls of the garden are inspired by the bark of the Rainbow Tree (Eucalyptus deglupta) that grow in tropical regions and is native to Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. The Rainbow tree is famous for its bright bark colours that include blue, green, lime, and orange hues. Aged painted concrete walls give the feeling of the tropics and reference the long life spans of many tropical trees. As you enter the garden, you symbolically walk through the peeling layers of bark to discover this metaphorical garden interpretation of ‘Australasia.’

Exploring cultural garden design influences, lifestyle elements of Australian gardens such as outdoor entertaining and water features have been melded with some design influences from the east. For instance, the threshold of the lime green wall is based on ancient Chinese Feng Shui ideology and encourages visitors to physically step into the garden and leave the rest of the world behind. The outdoor eating area takes inspiration from tea-houses and the tatami in-floor dining style that is so popular in many eastern cultures.

The water features provide the calming background sound of tropical rain, and helps to provide a cooling atmosphere to this tropical garden. All the plants have been sourced in Singapore, with an emphasis on origin to South East Asia and the tropical regions of Australasia.

Designed in Australia, this garden has been hand built in Singapore using materials sourced in Singapore.

With thanks to:
Singapore National Parks Board (Nparks)
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Gardens by the Bay