Malvern Front Garden 2

Malvern Front Garden 2


Malvern Front Garden

This single story red brick Victorian period home was renovated by Architect Paul Delany in 2011. The front of the house has retained its period charm with point- tucked red brick walls and a return veranda. Situated on a corner allotment, the house enjoys a 135 degree view from the front.

The front garden is ‘L’ shaped and having not much space, the clients wanted to remove the existing front grass and replace with paving to allow for greater access down the side of the house. The grass was also removed as watering lawns was difficult at that time of drought and water restrictions. The front picket fence was retained.

Paving in the front garden incorporates two details of second hand red brick circles with an insert of black slate. The red brick circles pick up on the red brick of the house and the bluestone coloured pavers balances out the red of the bricks and also matches the foundations of the house and existing bullnosing on the veranda.

The front garden was planted to be more traditional and period in style comprising flowering perennials and cut flower shrubs that suited the style of the house from the streetscape.

Garden Completed Dec 2011

Designed by Jim Fogarty

Garden Constructed by John Bott at Bott Landscapes

Garden lighting by Light on Landscape