Japan 2010

Japan 2010


Gardening World Cup Japan 2010

Gardening World Cup, Nagasaki, Japan 2010

In commemoration of 65 years since the atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki, ten of the worlds top international landscape designers were brought together to create a garden show inspired by world peace

My garden explored the importance of communication as its central theme of world Peace. In looking to the future and not dwelling on the past, the garden is modern in design with a minimalist layout, suiting the dimensions of a regular city back garden. There are elements of the garden which fuse Japanese design with Australian lifestyle such as the pavilion which takes reference to the Temple Gardens in Kyoto, and the hori kotatsu dining module, where you sit under the floor and the dining table is at floor level.

The central core of the garden is the dining module: a modern structure with a relaxed eating area, which overlooks a reflection pond of peace. The dining module allows for relaxed entertainment over drinks and a meal. A small low Japanese style garden seat provides a more discreet location in the garden for private talk or for time of thought.

Designed by Jim Fogarty

Constructed by Greenmake. Sasebo City, Nagasaki Japan