Flinders – Golf Course Garden

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Flinders – Golf Course Garden

Flinders Golf Course Garden

Set on the edge of a very scenic coastal golf course on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsular, this garden was designed to be a low maintenance garden for the owners of this architect designed beach house.

The brief for the garden was to design a dry tolerant coastal garden with a modern edge to compliment the house.

Concerned about rabbits, the client discussed with Jim the possibility of having a vegetable garden that rabbits couldn’t destroy, and the viability of using concrete pipes was raised. In this situation, Jim took inspiration from city skylines when designing the layout for the concrete pipe vegetable garden. Although not very cheap, the pipes look very industrial and create a wonderful medium between the softness of the garden beds and the strong lines of the house.

Paved surfaces were kept to minimum. Instead, paths were created using local crushed granite in keeping with the informal feel of the garden. A drainage swale is filled with 100mm Granite chunks for contrast of material size. A simple recycled railway sleeper bridge crosses the drain.

The planting scheme was designed to be coastal tolerant as well as dry tolerant. All plants were selected for their ability to perform with little maintenance and care. Natural colours of browns, burgundy’s, silvers, blue/ grey, green and lime were used to blend a planting palette that stands out against the moody grey tones and red brick of the house.

Standout plants include the silver of Leucophyta brownii & Helichrysum angustifolia, the orange and brown hues of Carex sp., the tall dead seed heads of Miscanthus sp. in winter, the bold foliage of Euphorbia wulfenii, and the yellow Kniphofia sp., which sticks its head up above the other plants.

Although dry tolerant, this garden proves you can still use a myriad of plants providing much interest during the different seasons of the year.


The house was originally built in 1960-1961 and the architects were Chancellor and Patrick Melbourne.

The house was renovated in 2001-2002 and the architect was Maggie Edmond of Edmond Corrigan Melbourne.

Garden completed Jan 2004

Garden designed by Jim Fogarty

Garden constructed by Semken Landscaping