Flinders – Bass Street

Flinders – Bass Street


Flinders- Bass St

This is a no irrigation garden, reducing plastic pipe usage and plastic waste. The garden survives on rainwater alone through wet winters and brutal dry summers. Australian plants with an emphasis on local species ensures ongoing food source & habitat for birds.

The garden was designed to incorporate naturalistic Australian plantings to juxtapose the clean architectural lines in this coastal holiday home.

Whilst Architecture evolves with time, indigenous plants in coastal areas can connect a new home back into the local environment.

Completed Dec 2019

Garden pics by @englisch @safari.global

House Architect by Albert Mo & team @albertmoarchitects

House built by @cannonbuilt

Art consultant @sweedesign

Garden design @jimfogartydesign

Garden construction by #BottLandscapes

Seeded pebble by @donk_driveways @pro_landscaping_solutions

Garden maintained by @arbor.fine.gardens