Ashburton Garden

Ashburton Garden

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Ashburton Garden

Being a brand new house (2005) designed by architect Paul Delany meant Jim had a clean palette to work with from the start. The garden was designed during Melbourne’s tough drought period and hence does not have any lawn (watering of lawns was banned). All roof water from the house is harvested into a 10,000-litre rainwater tank that sits hidden under the front deck for irrigation. The design intent was to create a green garden to prove that even during a drought you can enjoy an abundant, cooling garden.

In the front garden, Jim wanted to create a large garden bed with lots of interesting green foliage plants. Not allowed to add more paving, and not wanting to have a small patch of lawn to mow, Jim incorporated a black stained floating timber deck to sit nicely amongst the green foliage. The timber benches ‘Slats’ are by

As the house is double storey, the paving is laid out so it looks interesting from above. In the pool courtyard, a square of split-faced bluestone cobbles is used to soften and break up the potential prison yard feel of a small space. The pad of cobbles is also intended to mark the centre of the courtyard from which all other views are derived. The wall sculpture by Valissa Butterworth from the, is inspired by wet sand at low tide.

To maximise outdoor space, Jim borrowed the garage for use as extra entertainment space. By changing the white fluoro lights in the garage to red, the garage transforms into something that resembles a submarine at night.

The bamboo pool fence is a secondary safety fence, constructed from Bamboo growing in the garden, and was installed as a safety back up for children (there is already pool safety compliance with the bar, pool gate, and self-closing doors). The Bamboo in the garden also provides a source of mulch, and is used for ornamentation and frames for climbing plants in the garden.

Garden design @jimfogartydesign

Garden constructed by Ashlar Stonemasons & Horticulture

Lighting by @light_on_landscape

Wall sculpture by Valissa Butterworth

Timber bench seats ‘Slats’ by @dwellbyjo