Armadale Garden

Armadale Garden


Armadale House

Design started March 2019

Garden completed Aug 2022

With hot & dry summers, city clients are open to include more Australian plants into city gardens, something that I am keen to see more of to build resilient gardens. Here I have used various Australian plants such as Grevillea ‘Superb’ to pick up on the heritage brick colour of the house. The flowers thrive in the heat of summer & attract birds by providing a food source, important in times of extended hot, dry periods. Detailed paving design in the front garden pulls together the colour scheme of the heritage home façade & the garden colours.

In back garden, I worked together with the architect to bring curvaceous shapes of the pool into the garden. Client’s furniture brings out the vivid oranges & yellows of flower colours. A mix of Australian plants and dry tolerant exotics soften the edges and provide staggered flowering through the seasons with vibrant colours of orange, yellow & blue.

Garden pics @Englisch

House Architect & Pool design- Ashley Lochhead Architect

House built by @Prolifica.building

Garden design @jimfogartydesign

Garden built by John Bott #BottLandscapes

Seeded pebble by @donk_driveways @pro_landscaping_solutions

Garden lighting @light_on_landscape

Garden maintenance @gardens_by_day

Pool by @enkipools