RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014


‘Essence of Australia’ RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014

Gold Medal & Best in Show

Presented by Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Designer: Jim Fogarty for Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
Sponsors: Tourism Victoria, Tourism Northern Territory, Qantas, Trailfinders
Contractor: Landform Consultants Ltd
Plants: Hortus Loci
Planting by Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

‘Essence of Australia’ celebrates the beauty and diversity of the flora and landscapes of Victoria and the Northern Territory. The timber clad structure references rock formations of the Northern Territory such as Uluru and the MacDonnell Ranges but it is also symbolic of the modern architecture and appreciation for contemporary design in Melbourne as you would also experience when visiting the Australian Garden at Cranbourne, south east of Melbourne.

The design takes inspiration from the Rainbow Serpent, an iconic dreamtime creature from Aboriginal culture that inhabits deep permanent waterholes and controls the presence of water. As visitors follow the Rainbow Serpent deck, they are inspired to envisage the diverse natural attractions and landscapes of Australia, where endless roads delve deeper into rich Aboriginal culture, red sands and an amazing array of Australian plants.

With thanks to:
Peter & Jane Wilkins- TGA Australia
University of Lincoln- Shaun Lawson & Duncan Rowland
Tom Harfleet
Kajsa Bjorne

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Project Team
Mr. Ken Harrison, Chairman Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Board
Professor Tim Entwisle, Director & Chief Executive
Chris Russell, Director Cranbourne Gardens
Jenny Steinicke, Director Corporate Resources
Susannah Jepson Marketing Co ordinator (Events)
Katie O’Brien Marketing Co-ordinator (PR)
Robyn Merrett Marketing

Sponsor Project Team UK
Claire Golding- Tourism Victoria
Anna Erbrederis- Tourism Victoria
Fleur Burrows- Tourism Northern Territory
Nick Crabb- Qantas
Olivia Cleal- Qantas
4BGB PR Agency UK

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Planting Team
Chris Russell- Director Cranbourne Gardens
John Arnott- Manger Horticulture, RBG Cranbourne
Russell Gibbs RBG Cranbourne
Peter Wilkins- TGA Australia
Jane Wilkins- TGA Australia
Kajsa Bjorne
Warren Warboys- RBG Cranbourne Horticultural Consultant

Photos by Gary Rogers & Jim Fogarty