Online Courses

Jim Fogarty & Ulleo

Jim has been working with Ulleo online courses as an industry leader to help develop new online landscape & garden design short courses. As well as advising on content, Jim’s role has been connecting credible industry people to ensure the courses are industry led & relevant.

The course is suitable for those wanting to initially explore opportunities within the landscape and garden design sectors, or for those currently working in horticulture who want to increase their knowledge and skills base and might want to transition into garden design. The courses are also suitable for home gardeners who are interested in learning skills to design their own home gardens. With the knowledge gained from short courses, some students might then choose to explore further opportunities studying Landscape Architecture at university.

The online courses are cleverly produced in a way similar to a TV show where students can login and learn anytime, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. You learn at your own pace when it suits you.

Jim is also working with Ulleo to develop a Masterclass Course in Garden Design as well as offering individual masterclasses in specific topics that relate to garden & planting design. These courses & lectures will be for those who have completed the initial Landscape & Garden Design course and with their foundation learning, would like to explore garden design in more depth. The courses and lectures will at times include other industry professionals who Jim respects as leaders and talents within the landscape and landscape design industries in Australia.