Jim Fogarty Landscape Design

Jim Fogarty Design Pty Ltd.
Award Winning Landscape Design for Residential & Commercial Clients

Jim Fogarty Design provides a landscape design & consultancy service, both in Australia and internationally.

Jim’s commissioned work ranges from private domestic gardens to large acreage estates and commercial projects.

Over a long career, Jim has been awarded over thirty internationally recognised design awards, including 16 Gold medals, with highlights being a Gold Medal on the Main Avenue at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011 for Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, & Gold & Best in Show at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014 also for Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Both these gardens focussed on Australian design themes using Australian plants.

Jim’s attention to detail combined with his extensive knowledge of a wide range of plants has established him as one of Australia’s top Landscape & Garden Designers.

With post Covid interest in lifestyle property purchase on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Jim has been in growing demand for his knowledge & expertise in creating large private gardens using Australian native and indigenous plants.

Jim is an AILA registered Landscape Architect (Aust. Institute Landscape Architects)

NEW GARDEN TOURS:  Travel with Jim to visit some of Japan’s greatest gardens (Spring Cherry Blossom & Autumn tours now available).

For more information visit ASA TOURS

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